About the Program

The Masters Graduate Program in Controlling (PPGC) of the Federal Rural University of Pernambuco (UFRPE) was approved by the Higher Education Personnel Improvement Committee (CAPES) in December 2014, accredited by the Federal Council of Education in January 2015 and started academic activities in March 2015.

PPGC´s students recruitment process offers new admission opportunities for the first semester of each academic year, distributed among its two tracks of research. Selected candidates who become students regularly enrolled at PPGC/UFRPE must complete a minimum of 440 hours in subjects, equivalent to 30 credits.

PPGC classes are taught in the morning and afternoon shifts from Monday to Friday. Specific days of the week and shifts for each of the subjects offered in the first and second academic semesters of each year are published in the week prior to the enrollment of students.

To complete the course and obtain the title of Master in Controllership, in addition to the 30 credits, PPGC students must homologate their dissertation project until the last academic day of the first year enrolled in the course, get an "Approved" concept in an English text interpretation exam, publish at least one paper co-authored with a Program's Professor in annals of scientific events, publish at least one paper coauthored with a Program's Professor in an indexed academic journal listed in Qualis of the Higher Education Personnel Improvement Committee (CAPES) referring to the area in which the PPGC is linked, get the concept "Approved" in the presentation of a dissertation, deliver an authorization term for paper submission and submit a paper derived from the dissertation in co-authorship with its respective advisor for publication in an indexed journal listed in CAPES Qualis. The maximum deadline for completing the course is 24 months.

CAPES Level and Scholarships

The program has a Capes 3 Rank and receives scholarships from CAPES and FACEPE (Foundation for the Support of Science and Technology of the State of Pernambuco).

Currently, PPGC has three CAPES scholarships, as well as four other scholarships related to a Project to support CAPES / FACEPE Graduate Programs.

Objectives of the Program

According to its academic proposal, PPGC/UFRPE has the following specific objectives:

To contribute to teaching and research activities in the strict sense in the area of controllership in the Northeast region;

To encourage young academic students, as well as professionals already established in the market, to carry out qualified scientific research in the field of controllership;

Encourage the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge in the field of controllership;

To offer trained professionals to work in the field of controllership.