Currently, the internationalization of the PPGC has two main aspects, namely:


I - Academic cooperation with international institutions;

II - Publications in international journals.



As part of its quest to consolidate basic internationalization actions, the PPGC/UFRPE has ongoing academic cooperation with five foreign universities within which faculty exchange trips are planned.


a) University of Portsmouth (United Kingdom)

The main international academic cooperation carried out under the PPGC, which is in full swing, is being carried out with the University of Portsmouth (England). This academic cooperation began in 2013 through the completion of a Post-Doctoral Internship. As of 2014, prof. Antônio André Cunha Callado was awarded the position of Visiting Research Fellow. Currently, this international academic cooperation is being operationalized through two research projects. The first of them is nearing completion and has received financial assistance from CNPq. The second is awaiting financial assistance from the European Union development agency to start its activities.

In addition to these ongoing surveys, technical visits to England have been carried out regularly. In them, work meetings are held, as well as planning activities about the future steps of cooperation. This project already has two joint publications, one in 2015 and another in 2017. In 2019, two visits were carried out. In September, teacher Lisa Jack made her first visit to Recife. In November, Professor Antônio André Cunha Callado carried out his annual academic mission to the University of Portsmouth. One of the two articles that are in the final stages of preparation has been completed and should be submitted for publication in an international journal as early as the beginning of 2020.


b) Universidad Del Sur (Argentina)

The second international cooperation in progress is with the Universidad Nacional Del Sur (Argentina). This international academic cooperation started in the 2015-2016 Biennium, is in full swing and has been operationalized through joint technical activities. Professor Dr. Liliana Scoponi, from the Universidad Nacional Del Sur, has regularly served on the Scientific Committee of SIMPCONT, as well as on the Management Control Review magazine. Prof. Antônio André Cunha Callado from the Federal Rural University of Pernambuco is a member of the External Committee of the Graduate Program in Administration at that institution. Unfortunately, the technical visit of Professor Liliana Scoponi to the PPGC could not be carried out due to the lack of financial resources. The Program is seeking alternative sources of funds to make this activity viable.


c) Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave (Portugal)

The third foreign institution with which the PPGC has carried out international academic cooperation is the School of Management of the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado e do Ave (Portugal). This international academic cooperation has been operationalized through joint technical activities. A research project that has already been completed and submitted to a funding agency has not yet received funding approval.

In 2019, the PPGC began the process of formally institutionalizing an international academic cooperation agreement between the two institutions, seeking to expand the scope of this academic cooperation.

Two new cooperation activities between the PPGC/UFRPE and foreign universities started in 2019.


d) University of Pristina (Serbia)

The first one refers to the academic cooperation between the PPGC and the University of Pristina, Serbia through an invitation sent by prof. Vladan Pavlović regarding the carrying out of joint research with the purpose of generating joint publications between the two institutions.

This is the first international cooperation in which the PPGC becomes involved after an invitation originated spontaneously from a foreign institution. A first article derived from this cooperation has already been submitted to an international journal and is under review.


e) University of Technology and Economics (Hungary)

The second is linked to the formal agreement of international academic cooperation agreement between the PPGC and the Budapest University of Technology And Economics, from Hungary, was signed.

Contacts for the articulation of the initial actions of this agreement have already been initiated. According to the expectations of the PPGC, the first concrete results of this cooperation should appear at the beginning of the next Quadrennium.




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