Administrative Facilities


With regard to the administrative facilities, PPGC has a Coordination Room consisting of 3 (three) cabinets, 2 (two) multifunctional printer, 2 (two) laptops for coordination, a work table and 3 (three) chairs, as well as a secretariat consisting of two cabinets, 1 (one) desktop computer, a multifunctional printer, a telephone extension, 2 (two) cabinets and 3 (three) chairs. PPGC also has a meeting room with a table and 10 (ten) chairs.

Each of Program's professors has an individual work space. These individual work spaces are equipped with a work desk, 3 (three) chairs, 1 (one) desktop, 1 (one) multifunctional printer, 1 (one) closet, 1 (one) chest of drawers and free wireless internet access.

For on-site classes, PPGC has 2 (two) classrooms located at CEGOE Building. These rooms are equipped with 40 (forty) chairs, 1 (one) work table, 1 (one) whiteboard, 1 (one) 52-inch screen, electrical installations for datashow use, they are properly lit and air conditioned and have free wireless internet access. Also at GEGOE Building, PPGC has access to 1 (one) seminar room with capacity for 120 (one hundred and twenty) seats and 1 (one) multimedia room.

For dissertation presentations with the participation of members remotely, or by video conferences, PPGC can have access to the auditorium of the Pro-Rectory of Research and Graduate Studies at UFRPE. PPGC also has access to appropriate spaces to meet these purposes in the UFRPE Library System. The first of them is the auditorium of the Sector Library of Human Sciences and the second is the audio-visual room of the Central Library.

Students also have individual study cabins, as well as spaces for carrying out group studies located in the UFRPE Central Library. All these spaces have a wireless network and students can freely access the internet.



PPGC students have access to two computer labs. In addition to these laboratories, PPGC students have access to a computational environment located in the Central Library and another located in the Sectorial Library of UFRPE, which are exclusively intended for postgraduate students to access the CAPES Journal Portal.

All these spaces are properly equipped to carry out academic research, as well as to prepare academic papers.


Computing Resources

Regarding the computing resources available to students, the PPGC has access to 18 (eighteen) Computers (all with internet access), 3 (three) Multimedia Projectors, 3 (three) Laptops and 3 (three) HP multifunction printers.

In addition to these resources, UFRPE provides two Wifi networks for PPGC students on campus for unrestricted access to the internet. UFRPE's main Wi-Fi access network is eduroam. This network allows wireless access to the Internet locally (UFRPE) and at thousands of access points in Brazil and worldwide using the same credential (login/password). In this way, a user can, for example, access the wireless network of another national/international university, which provides the eduroam service, with its UFRPE credential.

The eduroam network is a federated service provided by the RNP (National Education and Research Network) for institutions participating in CAFe (Federated Academic Community). The eduroam Companion mobile app, available for iOS and Android, locates nearest eduroam service access points.


PRPG/UFRPE Institutional Research Support Projects


I - Research in Motion Program (CEPE Resolution 18/2012)

This Program supports the displacement of researchers and students by providing vehicles and fuel as long as the researcher has an existing research project approved by the Administrative Technical Council of the Department/Academic Unit of origin.


II - Rural Public Program

Through this Program, PRPPG supports the translation of scientific articles from Portuguese to English, in addition to the review of articles originally written in English, aiming at improving the writing.


III - Permanent Pro-Researcher Program

In partnership with the Pro-Rectory of Administration (PROAD), this Program aims to meet the minimum needs of IT instrumental infrastructure, aiming to supply professors and technicians, masters or doctors, with fundamental tools for the development of educational activities. research, in order to strengthen research groups and contribute to the integration of new researchers in PPG's at UFRPE.


IV - Support Program for Publication in A1 and A2 Periodicals

The PRPPG will support the payment of publication fees for professors belonging to UFRPE's Stricto Sensu PPG's in Qualis A1 and A2 journals, according to the specificity of the CAPES evaluation area in which the Program is inserted. Before making the payment, the professor must request authorization from the Program coordinator, who must forward the Process for authorization by PRPPG.


UFRPE Library System


Another important resource available to PPGC students is the Integrated Library System of the Federal Rural University of Pernambuco (SiBi/UFRPE). This system, created in 2014, consists of 01 library, administrative headquarters and technical coordination (BC), located on the Dois Irmãos campus, Recife; 01 sector library, also located on the Dois Irmãos campus, Recife and 03 sector libraries, the library of the Academic Unit of Garanhuns (BS - UAG), the library of the Academic Unit of Serra Talhada (BS-UAST), the library of the Academic Unit of Cabo de Santo Agostinho (BS-UACSA) and the high school and vocational education library of Colégio Agrícola Dom Agostinho IKas (BS-CODAI), located in São Lourenço da Mata, totaling 06 libraries.

In the central building of the UFRPE Library, students have a specific collection of books in Accounting and related areas. This collection includes: 136 (one hundred and thirty-six) titles and 2,346 (two thousand three hundred and forty-six) copies of books. Collections of CDs relating to the Annals of the main congresses in the area classified by Qualis CAPES are also available (ANPCONT, EnANPAD, USP Congress on Controllership and Accounting, Brazilian Congress on Costs, International Congress on Costs, Brazilian Meeting of Finance, among others).

The UFRPE library system maintain exchanges with libraries from other universities in the state, enabling access to titles available outside the scope of the UFRPE library.