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PPGC students may have access to two IT labs. In addition to these laboratories, they will also have access to an IT center located in the Central Library of UFRPE that is intended exclusively for graduate students to access CAPES Journals GATE. All these facilities are adequately equipped for conducting academic research as well as for the preparation of academic papers.

The Integrated Libraries System of UFRPE (SiBi / UFRPE), set up in 2014, is composed of 01 administrative headquarters and technical coordination library (BC), located on the campus of Dois Irmãos, Recife; (BS-UAG), the library of the Academic Unit of Serra Talhada (BS-UAST), the library of the Academic Unit of Cabo de Santo Agostinho (BS-UACSA) and the library of (BS-CODAI), located in São Lourenço da Mata, totaling 05 libraries.

In the central building of the UFRPE Library, students have a specific collection of Accounting books and related areas. This collection includes: 136 (one hundred and thirty-six) titles and 2,346 (two thousand, three hundred and forty-six) hardcopies of books. Collections of CDs related to the Proceedings of the most important academic conferecnces of the field classified by CAPES Qualis (ANPCONT, EnANPAD, USP Conference on Controllership and Accounting, Brazilian Conference on Costs, International Cost Conference, Brazilian Finance Meeting, among others) are available.

The library of UFRPE maintains interchange with libraries of other universities of the State, making possible the access to titles available outside the scope of the UFRPE library.
The students of the PPGC / UFRPE have access to national and international periodicals made available by the following bases:

BDTD - Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations of the Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology (IBCT);

BDTD UFRPE - Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations, brings together the publications produced by the Graduate Programs of UFRPE (Master's and Doctorate). We find available full texts of the works in pdf format for download.

UFRPE Portal of Journals - It houses scientific journals produced within the university, in order to guarantee greater visibility of scientific production. The Portal uses the Electronic Journaling System (SEER), translated by the Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology (IBICT) from the version of the Open Journal System (OJS).

Public Domain - Virtual environment that allows the collection, integration, preservation and sharing of knowledge. 

Scielo - Multidisciplinary collection of more than 290 scientific journals from Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Spain, Venezuela and other Latin American countries.

Alice Repository - The Free Access to Scientific Information of Embrapa (Alice) is intended to gather, organize, store, preserve and disseminate in full scientific information produced by Embrapa researchers and published in chapters of books, articles in indexed periodicals , Papers in congress proceedings, theses and dissertations, technical notes, among others.

DOAJ - Directory of magazines of various subjects available for free on the Internet. It gathers almost 5,000 titles, in several languages, classified by themes such as: Astronomy, Science, Medicine, Economics, Archeology and History.

ArXiv - Thematic repository in the areas of Physics, Mathematics, Computing, Statistics and Biology.

JSTOR - is a cloud library that allows access to journals, primary sources, e-books and images. JSTOR has a collection of more than 1,000 publishers in the various areas of knowledge.

Science Direct - Elsevier database that offers periodicals, articles, book chapters, in the fields of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Biology, Health, Social Sciences and Humanities. Science Direct offers more than 250,000 freely accessible articles. Access the tutorial.

Dialnet - A database of Spanish scientific production, created by the University of La Rioja, which integrates multiple resources (journals, theses, books, articles). It offers free document search services with access to full texts.

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