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The Research Program in Controllership (PPGC) is a MSc Course in Accounting  which was accredited by the Coordination of Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES) in the Administration, Accounting and Tourism Area in December of 2014 and its academic activities started in March 2015.

According to its academic proposal, the PPGC/UFRPE Research Program has the following specific objectives:

- To contribute to both teaching and research activities in the field of controllership in the Northeast region of Brazil;
- To encourage young academic students, as well as professionals already established in the market, to carry out qualified scientific research in the field of ​​controllership;
- Foster the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge in the field of ​​controllership.
- Offer qualified professionals to work in the field of ​​controllership.

In pursuing the full alignment between the Program's Field of Study and its proposed major tracks of research, the curriculum structure of PPGC/UFRPE consists of nineteen disciplines, divided into four distinct groups: Compulsory Common Trunk (12 credits to be taken); Specific domain options per research line (8 credits to be taken); Common options related domain (8 credits to be taken).

PPGC classes are taught in the morning and afternoon shifts from Monday to Friday. The days of the week and the specific shifts for each of the disciplines offered are published in the month prior to the beginning of classes.

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